McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2010

21 November 2010 – 17 July 2011

The McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2010 is presented in equal partnership by the Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Foundation and The Balnaves Foundation.

The opening of the McClelland Sculpture Survey and the announcement of the recipient of the McClelland Award 2010 will be at the McClelland Gallery+Sculpture Park onSunday, 21 November 2010. Congratulations to Louise Paramor, winner of the McClelland Award 2010 for her sculptureTop Shelf 2010.

Louise’s beautifully positioned industrial plastic objects speak to the sculptural found in everyday life. The assemblage is literally “heightened” by a simple metal table forcing the objects up against the foliage. It is playful, unexpected and highly engaging. (Judge Tony Ellwood, Director, Queensland Art Gallery| Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane)

The McClelland Sculpture Survey Finalists:

  • Ashika
  • Geoffrey Bartlett
  • Robert Bridgewater
  • Matt Calvert
  • Daniel Clemmett
  • Dean Colls
  • William Eicholtz
  • Jon Eiseman
  • Mathieu Gallois, Vesna Trobec & Caz Comino
  • Briele Hansen
  • Matthew Harding
  • Greg Johns
  • Chaco Kato
  • James Kenyon
  • Alexander Knox
  • Gregor Kregar
  • Jonathan Leahey
  • Michael Le Grand
  • Anton McMurray
  • Adrian Mauriks
  • Joanne Mott
  • Clive Murray-White
  • Louise Paramor
  • James Parrett
  • Geoffrey Ricardo
  • Kate Rohde
  • Caroline Rothwell
  • Robbie Rowlands
  • Colin Suggett
  • Neil Taylor
  • Jane Valentine
  • Jason Waterhouse
  • Jud Wimhurst
  • Laura Woodward



McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2010 - catalogue Essay by Robert Lindsay


The Frankston City People's Choice Award:

The Frankston City People’s Choice Award of $20,000 is voted for by visitors to the McClelland Sculpture Survey exhibition. The Award, sponsored by Frankston City Council, is given to the artist whose sculpture attracts the most votes from the general public.

Congratulations to Matthew Harding and his work Primordial 2010, announced as the 2010 recipient of the $20,000 Frankston City People's Choice Award on June 18, 2011.