Sonia Payes: Parallel Futures

3 July - 6 November 2016


As the winner of the McClelland Achievement Prize in 2014, Sonia Payes has been planning her future and her new exhibition Parallel Futures. This exhibition will provide an insight into the evolution of Payes' work from photography through to sculpture, and how she has made the 2D image a 3D reality. Payes' new work includes the Woman Series, a new body of sculptural works that extends the imagery of the four-faced goddess and incarnates her into a metallic warrior. A strong environmental narrative permeates the exhibition, and the cycle of recreation in a wildly imagined dystopian landscape is thoroughly explored.

Payes has held 12 solo exhibitions and been included in over 50 group shows and many prestigious art prizes in Australia and overseas including Shanghai, London, Auckland and Los Angeles. Her works are held in numerous public, corporate and private collections. Sonia Payes is represented by Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne.


Sonia PAYES, installation of new work from the Woman Series. Courtesy of the artist ©Sonia Payes



Human / Animal / Artist

20 November 2016 - 19 February 2017


Special Curator: Janine Burke

Human / Animal / Artist is a beautiful and innovative exhibition which includes a diverse range of established and emerging contemporary artists who emulate, incoporate or refer to the works of animals, whether nest, web, hive, shelter, structure, design, trace, song or dance.  It explores how the exquisite, elaborate and sophisticated works of certain animals can have a direct, fecund and illuminating relationship with contemporary art.

By showing how the human artist has been inspired by the animal's original design or production, Human / Animal / Artist acknowledges the profund shift that has taken place regarding animals in recent decades. This shift is the result of our concerns about the natural world due to climate change and its devastating impact on the earth's many ecosystems.

Human / Animal / Artist focuses on artists who display a unique and sensitive perspective about the originality, design, structure and aesthetics of works by non-human animals and reveals how it has influenced their practice.  The artists include international and local sculptors, painters, photographers and musicians.

Lauren Berkowitz, Catherine Chalmers (USA), Catherine Clover, Joe Japananka James, Nicholas Mangan, Vera Moller, Samuel Namunjdja, Sean Peoples, Elizabeth Presa, David Rothenberg (USA), Sandra Selig, Tai Snaith, Jason deClaires Taylor (UK), Esme Timbery, Greg Mosquito Tjampitjinpa, Louise Weaver, Shona Wilson, Watarru Women's Collaborative, John Wolsely.