McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2012

We are pleased to announce that the McClelland Survey Award 2012 acquisitive award valued at
$100,000 was awarded to Greg Johns for his work At the centre (There is nothing). The McClelland Survey Award 2012 was judged by Deborah Edwards, the Senior curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. The McClelland Achievement Prize (MAP) was awarded to Christopher Langton for Away with the fairies. Valued at $30,000 (non acquisitive) MAP includes a solo exhibition of the artist’s work at McClelland during the time of the subsequent McClelland Sculpture Survey in 2014. The 2012 recipient of the $20,000 Frankston City People’s Choice Award was Terrance Plowright for his work Tubular Resonance.

McClelland Survey Finalists:

Zoe Amor

Emma Anna

Matt Calvert

Cameron Bishop

& David Fitzsimmons

Daniel Clemmett

Ewen Coates

Augustine Dall’Ava

Robert Delves

Damien Elderfield

& Lani Fender

Troy Emery

Antonia Goodfellow

Matthew Harding

Will Heathcote

David Jensz

Greg Johns

Chaco Kato

John Kelly

Chris Langton

Isaac Greener

& Lucas Maddock

Gerard McCourt

Anton McMurray

Karleena Mitchell

James Parrett

Terrance Plowright

Charles Robb

Andrew Rogers

Kate Rohde

Robbie Rowlands

Faustas Sadauskas

Benjamin Storch

Marcus Tatton

Vince Vozzo

Jud Wimhurst



Since its inception in 2003, the McClelland Sculpture Survey has emerged as the most important outdoor sculpture exhibition in Australia, displaying a wide range of works in different media and styles by both established and emerging artists.

Displayed throughout 16 hectares of bush and landscaped gardens, the McClelland Sculpture Survey is intended to provide sculptors the opportunity to present their works in an outdoor exhibition context. The exhibition is accompanied by a major comprehensive catalogue.

The McClelland Sculpture Survey & Award 2012 is presented in equal partnership by the Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Foundation and The Balnaves Foundation.



The Frankston City People's Choice Award:

The Frankston City People’s Choice Award of $20,000 is voted for by visitors to the McClelland
Sculpture Survey exhibition. The Award, sponsored by Frankston City Council, is given to the artist whose sculpture attracts the most votes from the general public. The previous winners include Anna Eggert for Belinda's Wedding in 2003, Darren Davison's Homespace in 2005, Anna Eggert Dwelling amongst others in 2007 and Matthew Harding for Primordial in 2010.

The 2012 recipient of the $20,000 Frankston City People’s Choice Award was Terrance Plowright for his work Tubular Resonance.