Contact Details

Phone: (03) 9789 1671



Gallery Cafe

Phone: (03) 9789 1671 ext. 110



Image Requests

If you are seeking access to an image of an artwork from McClelland's Collection for research or study purposes please email us your request.



McClelland Board of Trustees



The Hon. Mary Delahunty –  Chairman

Mrs. Susie Hamson – Deputy Chair

Ms Hayley Underwood – Treasurer







Mr John Calvert-Jones AM

Mr Ian Hicks AM

Mr Dennis Hovenden

Ms Julie Kantor

Mr Patrick Baker

Mr Tom McMahon

Ms Lisa Roet

Mr John Simpson



McClelland Staff

John M. Cunningham – Director

Lyn Johnson – Deputy Director

Robyn Feher - Business Manager

Amanda Johnson - Development Manager

Shireen Longley - Administrative Assistant

Penny Teale – Senior Curator

Imogen Good – Education Coordinator

Myron McMurray – Facilities and Installation Manager

Ian Cail – Facilities and Installation Assistant



Joan Crowther - Weekend Manager

Trish Delves - McClelland Shop Manager

Anthony Christie - Head Chef

Carla Shepherd – Front-of-House

Carolyn Hansen – Caretaker











Front of House & Gallery

Margaret Blackney

Zelma Cleeland

Wendy Hopkins

Rachel Isaacs

Chris Kirby

Robert Last

Mandy McComb

Val Rension

Ron Shearn

Judy Turner

Rhonda Vincent

Judy White

Jean Wilkins

Emily Walker

Ingrid Johansen



Education Volunteers:

Audrey Lee

Janice Mills

Margaret Peppard

Jim Strain





McClelland Guide Volunteers:

Mary Daly

Sue Donnelly

Helen Gorissen

Robin Rehn

Gus Van Der Heyde


If you would like to register to become a McClelland volunteer please email for more information.