McClelland Circle


The McClelland Circle is an opportunity to take your passion to the next level through engagement in unique cultural experiences.

It is the encounter of art in a bushland environment at McClelland that makes it the only place of its kind in Australia. As the home of ambitious sculpture in a unique bushland setting, the experience of McClelland is one that enriches the community.

Through your commitment to the arts in broadening the McClelland Circle you will make a significant contribution not only for McClelland today, but also for future generations.

The McClelland Circle enjoy the following:

  • Three exclusive Circle events each year.
  • Invitations to private exhibition viewings.
  • Studio visits with artists.
  • Guided art tours.
  • Invitation to the annual Chairman’s Drinks.


McClelland supporters can make donations of $500 or more, for an annual subscription to the McClelland Circle.
All donations are tax deductible.

To join or for further information, please contact us via

Ken Unsworth, Annulus 2007. Commissioned by the Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Foundation in memory of Ann Miller (1938-2005)