McClelland Sculpture Park+Gallery invites all pre-school, primary and tertiary students, and all education-focused organisations for a unique experience of sculpture and contemporary artistic practice in an Australian bush land environment.

Our education programs offer a broad range of experiences to explore the sculpture collection, the bush land, the temporary exhibitions and related hands-on workshops and activities. All programs are adapted to the Australian Curriculum, relevant to the contemporary world and specifically designed to develop visual arts appreciation, critical-thinking and creative practice through a variety of cultural and creative experiences.

Our programs provide tools for students to engage more deeply with the arts and to create space and time for art and nature experiences that foster well-being, confidence and a sense of belonging.

Whether you are looking to run a self-guided tour, or have a program tailored for you and facilitated by a Gallery Educator, McClelland can help you organise an inspiring experience within a safe and welcoming setting.

For further information about our programs contact: education@mcclellandgallery.com