The perfect antidote to your screen life

A self-led participatory artwork by David Chesworth

Among all this isolation and screen-based communication, I thought it would be nice to introduce the concept of self-guided soundwalks. These can take place when we venture outdoors for personal exercise.

A soundwalk is a sensory, multi-dimensional experience that contrasts markedly with the bounded flatness of the computer screen, which is currently where most of us find ourselves spending our time. When we actively listen, our walks can become revelatory experiences. We hear sounds that transcend the boundaries of our visual matrix, allowing us to experience a different world. And anyone can do it!

In this guide there are four soundwalks with listening tasks that can be undertaken anywhere and at any time. They involve walking and quietly listening to the surrounding world. Don’t overload yourself with too many instructions, though. Try Walk One to start with, which contains lots to listen out for on your first sound walk.

On your soundwalks you can go anywhere you like and take as long as your exercise takes.

To access the listening guides click the small images below. You will also find more detailed spoken soundwalk introductory guides that you can download as mp3s.

Remember, sound exists in time and so must you. It takes practice to listen to the world differently. You might want to listen during only part of your walk, or when sitting.

I also invite you to upload your own comments and thoughts to discuss your listening experiences with myself and others on Facebook Group ‘Walking while Listening’.  



Put your phone on silent mode

If walking with others, no talking (unless crucial)

Best without pets